Alpiconnect Terminal Units With Innovative Cartridge Technology

Medical gas terminal units in operating and patient rooms get a lot of hard use. Even well-made sockets manufactured with the highest quality materials will wear down over time and need maintenance or replacement. In most cases, to refurbish a socket it is necessary to dismantle the entire head unit on the bed — a time consuming and expensive process.  

Now, with ALPICONNECT terminal units, all components that are subject to wear are built into a removable cartridge that is easy to access from the front side. When it is time for maintenance, the cartridge is easily removed from the socket, with the pipeline system under pressure. The base block and sockets remain in place while the replacement cartridge is inserted.

  • The system is quickly back in service after maintenance
  • Downtime is greatly reduced
  • Simple to use
  • Less expensive
  • Premium quality delivers a long lifetime & reduced maintenance frequency
  • Ultra-safe

Connection and disconnection of ALPICONNECT is effortless and seamless. Esthetic design & ergonomics enables a proper integration into healthcare environment. And, by making it easier for caregivers to use, we’ve improved patient safety.    

ALPICONNECT is built with a universal base block design that is compatible with all national sockets and every medical gas type. It is available with multiple configurations and comes with accessories for any patient room configuration. This enables placement in locations such as main bed head units, ceiling pendants, walls or panels. ALPICONNECT is certified compliant with national and international standards.


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