Featured Innovations
  • Alpi-Reg Medical Pressure Regulators
    Single- and Double Line Medical Pressure Regulator for Medical Gas Supply Systems
  • Alpiconnect Terminal Units With Innovative Cartridge Technology
    Removable Cartridges Make Maintenance Faster and Less Expensive
  • M706+ VIPR Features Modern Ergonomic Design & Intelligent Data Management
    Greatly Improving the Safety of Oxygen Therapy
  • LIFE-S Compact Medical Gas Valve Delivers Optimum Performance
    The LIFE-S medical integrated valve for oxygen and other medical gases is designed for situations that require high performance from a lightweight, compact device. Building on the Rotarex Group’s deep experience as a pioneer in integrated valve technology, Ceodeux Meditec developed the LIFE-S for hospital and homecare applications.
  • Life+ Combines Modern Ergonomic Design & Intelligent Data Management
    Life+ is a new medical VIPR (Valve Integrated Pressure Regulator) with an “all-in-one” integrated design. Designed with safety guards that protect each component, it includes a shut off valve, pressure regulator, flow selector, RPV, outlet hose barb and filling port.


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