Alpi-Switch Switchover Board With Manual Reset

Nobody wants to shut down gas supply when cylinders are being replaced. That's why the ALPI-SWITCH medical gas switchover board with manual reset enables you to automatically switch from the source in service to the one in reserve for a continuous, uninterrupted gas supply. Suitable for oxygen and all medical gasses in hospital and health clinic settings, ALPI-SWITCH featured a user-friendly design with possible alarm integration for extra safety. Plus, since you can empty the cylinder replacement without disrupting gas flow, users save time and money with safer, more efficient processes.

  • Suitable for oxygen and all medical gasses
  • Enables a continuous gas supply without disruption
  • User-friendly design offers optional alarm integration
  • Replace cylinders without interrupting gas supply
  • Automatic switchover from the source in service to one in reserve
  • Medical CE-certified according to MDD 93/42/EEC & EN ISO 7396-1

To learn more about ALPI-SWITCH Medical Switchover Boards, contact a Ceodeux Meditec expert, here.


For decades, Ceodeux Meditec has been out front with innovative products that use breakthrough technologies and inspired designs to improve patient outcomes and caregiver productivity. By leveraging Rotarex’ global R&D infrastructure, Ceodeux Meditec responds quickly to new market demands and challenges. From the highest quality medical gas valves and medical regulators to medical integrated valves (VIPRs) that include intelligent data management systems, we’ve invented, designed, prototyped and manufactured first-of-a-kind products that improve medical gas control, safety and performance.

  • Breadth of technology across regions worldwide
  • 6 R&D centers for rapid response innovation
  • Collaboration with university partners
  • Custom medical gas solutions


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