ALPI-CONNECT Medical Gas Terminal Units

ALPI-CONNECT is an innovative terminal unit used for medical gas systems in hospitals and clinics. This terminal unit enables Ceodeux Meditec to offer a truly complete range of medical gas equipment used to control gas distribution from source to patient. The key feature of ALPI-CONNECT is its revolutionary cartridge technology. With a front cartridge design, maintenance is a lot easier. Unlike regular terminal units, there’s no need to dismantle an installation for maintenance as the cartridge can simply be replaced. This saves time and money — and gets patient rooms back in service faster.

ALPICONNECT enables connection and disconnection with external medical devices that supply medical gas directly or indirectly to a patient, such as a medical oxygen flowmeter, respiratory ventilator or vacuum regulator.

- Oxygen compatible (free of aluminum, stainless steel, PTFE)
- Individual traceability
- Color coding on each sub component

- Tiny pressure drops
- Better protection thanks to an integrated filter
- Material is resistant to aggressive cleaning agents

- Attractive and ergonomic design
- Smooth surface for easier cleaning
- Smooth connections/disconnections

- Long lifetime, reduced maintenance
- No socket, bed head unit or panel dismantled
- No interruption to gas supply


For decades, Ceodeux Meditec has been out front with innovative products that use breakthrough technologies and inspired designs to improve patient outcomes and caregiver productivity. By leveraging Rotarex’ global R&D infrastructure, Ceodeux Meditec responds quickly to new market demands and challenges. From the highest quality medical gas valves and medical regulators to medical integrated valves (VIPRs) that include intelligent data management systems, we’ve invented, designed, prototyped and manufactured first-of-a-kind products that improve medical gas control, safety and performance.

  • Breadth of technology across regions worldwide
  • 6 R&D centers for rapid response innovation
  • Collaboration with university partners
  • Custom medical gas solutions

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